Friday, September 19, 2008

K. Vijay Kumar IPS

Heroes in movie glow for just 3 hours…….

Politicians are passing clouds in just 5 years………

Legends shine for generation…..

Warriors remain in the hearts of people forever…..

It gives me immense pleasure to brief about my all time favorite hero, my role model, my inspiration Mr. K. Vijay Kumar IPS, Director General, Central Reserve Police Force.

Born on September 15th, 1952, Mr. K. Vijay Kumar IPS is the son of Mr. Krishnan Nair and Mrs.Kousalya. He is the second son in a family of six. Mr. Krishnan Nair was a retired police officer.


Right from his childhood, Mr. Vijay Kumar had a great love and passion for the Police Uniform. His passion is much evident from the fact that he preferred IPS than IAS. Yes, it was 1975, when Mr. Vijay Kumar cleared his Union Public Service exams. He was selected for the first rank IAS. But, he preferred IPS which is the second rank. This shows the love and passion he had for the uniform. At this juncture, I would like to thank Late Mr. Krishnan Nair for impressing Mr. Vijay Kumar. It was through his dad our DGP developed the love and passion for Kaakhi.

Most people know IPS as “Indian Police Service”. But, he saw this as “Ideal Public Service” and that is the reason he is shining not just in Tamil Nadu Police but in Indian Police.

He joined the IPS on 10-11-1975. He served as Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in Pattukkottai, Trichy and Sembiam(Chennai). As Superintendent of Police, he served Dharmapuri, Salem (1977-1985). It was this period (1977 – 1985) Mr. Vijay Kumar spent most of his time with Mr. Walter Dawaram. As a young officer, Mr. Vijay Kumar was always impressed with the courage of his role model Mr. Walter Dawaram.

Some of his important assignments of our DGP include

  1. Elite member (SP) of the Special Protection Group (SPG) of the former Prime Minister of India, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi DIG, Special Task Force
  2. IGP, Operations, Border Security Force (Central Deputation)
  3. ADGP/ Commissioner of Police, Chennai City. (One of the best ever commissioners for Chennai City)
  4. ADGP/Chief, Special Task Force (Head of the team to nab the forest brigand Veerappan)
  5. ADGP, Law and Order, Tamil Nadu
  6. Director, National Police Academy, Hyderabad
  7. Director General, CRPF
1st Tenure in STF:

Our DGP always had the thirst to nab the notorious forest brigand Veerappan. This guy had been a real challenge for the police force of Tamilnadu and Karantaka. Although, he is an anti-social element, it is worth explaining about him when we talk about our DGP.

W.I.Dawaram, the retired DGP of Tamilnadu (Role model for Mr.K.Vijaykumar IPS) was instrumental in curbing naxal activities in Tamilnadu in the late 1970s and in the early 1980s. He was in-charge of the Special Task Force (STF) to nab Veerappan. He was a terror in Tamilnadu Police and he is still a role model for many officers who serve the department currently. Veerappan was a real challenge for Mr.W.I.Dawaram as well. Mr.Dawaram once quoted Veerappan as a “Worthy Foe”. Our DG loves to take challenge with such worthy foes.

It was 1993-1996 when DGP joined the STF to nab the notorious criminal. But he was in the STF for just a month. Mr. K. Vijay Kumar was DIG in-charge of CM’s security. So, he did not have much time with STF. But, these days in STF were very useful for Mr. Vijay Kumar. It was during this period our hero learnt a lot from his role model Mr.W.I.Dawaram who was the chief/commandant then. Although Mr.Vijay Kumar left STF and was assigned various other posts, he never missed to think about STF. He had great sentiments with STF and this commitment yielded him the fruit later.

Central Deputation:

Mr. K. Vijay Kumar always loved to be a field officer. He was deputed to the Border Security Force and he served as the Inspector General of the BSF Kashmir frontier for over two years. Mr. Vijay Kumar headed the BSF in Kashmir and was himself associated with a number of operations. DGP says, “Days in BSF were the most challenging and every day has been unforgettable”.

He also served as the IGP (Operations) at the BSF headquarters in New Delhi from August 2000 to May 2001.

On December 09th 2000, Mr. K. Vijay Kumar (IGP-BSF then) came to Tamilnadu and handed over 1000 BSF men to the STF to assist in nabbing Veerappan. Sentiments with STF continued although he was in BSF.

Back Home, 2nd tenure in STF:

Mr. Vijay Kumar returned back to Tamil Nadu Police in May 2001 completing his central deputation. He was brought back to Tamil Nadu to lead STF again. This was the second attempt for our DGP. He was with the STF till December 2001 for a period of 7 months. Luck was in Veerappan’s favor during this period also.

City Police Commissioner, Chennai:

Chennai, the state capital and one of the metros of the country has one of the largest police force in the country. Commissioner of Chennai city was always a prestigious post and this opportunity knocked the doors of Mr. Vijay Kumar in late 2001.

Mr. Vijay Kumar was posted as the Commissioner of Police, Greater Chennai city. He took charge on December 09th 2001 and served the as the Commissioner till November 19th 2003. As the chief of the city police (for 23 months), he had been instrumental in bringing down organized crime in the city.

After F V Arul and Walter Dawaram, it was only Mr. Vijaykumar who could leave a mark here as the COP of Chennai City. The morale of the force was very high under his leadership. He is still rated as the best Commissioner that Chennai ever had. Most of the rowdies in Chennai were encountered during this period and Chennai was turning crime-free. About 1000 people were detained in Goondas act in the first year of his tenure as the COP of Chennai. More followed in 2003 and even those who came out of jail after their one-year term behind bars, chose to keep quiet out of fear for the dare-devil COP.

City Police carried out seven encounters during his tenure. Though there was large-scale criticism from human rights activists, all those killed were hard-core criminals involved in a series of cases. Some popular encounters include that of “Ayodhyakuppam” Veeramani, Tamil extremists Rajaram and Saravanan, Venkatesa Pannaiyar. It was this period that the Law and Order was maintained perfectly in the state capital. I would call this as Soorasamharam (Name of the attempt taken by Tamil god Murugan to destroy evil forces)

City Police Image:

When Mr. Vijay Kumar was asked by the press reporters on his priority when he took charge as the COP of Chennai, he told that he would focus on improving the image of the city Police.

In his 23 months stint, Mr. Vijay Kumar has been able to restore police credibility to a large extent. His reputation as a non-controversial officer with suave manners, and straight talk, has stood him in good stead in his present office, say observers.

Mr. Vijay Kumar’s style reflects in the way he deals with a telephone call from one of his colleagues, who wants to check with him on what action needs to be taken against a lawyer, who has been arrested for a crime, and for whom other lawyers had come, in support.

"Take action according to law," Mr.Vijay Kumar issues orders, but hastily adds, "treat the lawyers well. Give them proper respect. Explain to them the case, they will understand."

This shows his professionalism. This helped in building the image of Police.

Back Home to STF – Veerappan counted his days:

Mr. Vijay Kumar was deputed back to STF for the 3rd time in 2003. He was posted as the Chief of STF. It was during this period, STF maintained low profile. Extraordinary Intelligence (as quoted by Mr. Vijay Kumar) was the key during the operation to nab Veerappan during this period. Also a perfect team with SP, Mr. N.K. Senthamarai Kannan was a key for the success.

Yes, the operation named “Operation Cocooon” was planned by DGP Mr. K. Vijay Kumar and the SP, STF Mr. Senthamarai Kannan. A plan that was planned for 10 months was implemented on October 18th 2004. Luck was in favor of STF this time. Veerappan and three of his associates were killed in an encounter that lasted for 20 minutes. Veerappan who had been a real challenge for Tamil Nadu police is no more now. STF takes the full credit. The man whose head was charged for Rupees 5 crore and who had been successful against the Police for 20 years was killed in a 20 minute encounter.

The operation was led by the DGP himself, assisted by the Superintendents of Police, Mr. N.K. Senthamaraikannan (who masterminded the intelligence trap), Mr. K. Shanmugavelu and Mr. P. Chinnasamy. The core team consisted of the Deputy Superintendents of Police, Mr. N. Thirunavukkarasu, and Mr. Hussain. Inspectors Mr. N. Rajarajan and Mr. Mohan Nawaz led the ambush team.